In addition to providing digital marketing and content marketing strategy to clients, I also offer my services as a trainer and course instructor. I have developed a number of masterclasses and workshops designed for both corporate clients and small businesses. 

I currently provide training services in association with Avado LearningBlack MarketingAsia Content Marketing Association and Singapore’s Civil Service College.

Content Marketing to Drive Demand Generation (1 day workshop) 

This masterclass introduces to Marketing executives what content marketing is and why brands need to transition from a campaign-led to a content-led marketing strategy and what brands can learn from the modern entertainment industry:

  1. Advertising & marketing in the age of digital media: why brands can no longer rely on Interruption as a means of communicating with target audiences.
  2. Learning from the masters of storytelling: how Hollywood provides brands with the building blocks of storytelling from the three-Act story structure, to character archetypes to transmedia storytelling.
  3. How brands can benefit from having its own audience: a pre-customer database that becomes the cornerstone of your brands digital demand generation strategy.
  4. How to link Content Marketing with demand generation, driving either lead generation or online transactions for your brand, and tracking return-on-investment. 

This masterclass gets praise for its insights and relevance, especially for its many references to movie examples from Marvel and Star Wars, as well as its grounding in established Marketing practices. During the workshop, participants are split into groups and provided the framework to come up with their own brand-related story and how to build an audience across paid, earned and owned media.

Download the Content Marketing to Drive Demand Generation course overview here.

Watch a preview of this workshop by watching this video of Miguel presenting at Social Selling 2019, Singapore: