Training, Masterclass and Webinars
Benefit from over Miguel’s over 25 years’ experience in digital media & marketing. His training programs bring clarity to Marketing and/or Communications departments of all sizes and experience levels.

Training for in-house teams: 

Engage Miguel as an executive trainer and course instructor for your Marketing, Communications or Social Media Team. Miguel is an instructor.

  1. LinkedIn Personal Branding for Senior Executives. Designed for C-suite executives and/or their communications teams, Miguel unpacks the necessary elements to build your company spokespersons’ profiles on the world’s leading social media platform for professionals. 
  2. Digital Marketing Masterclass. Designed for in-house Marketing teams, this five-part course is a comprehensive introduction to marketing through digital channels (paid, search, social, influencer marketing, etc). The course caters for team members of varying levels of digital experience and is especially helpful for traditionally-trained Marketing teams as they transition to modern digital methodologies.
  3. Advanced Content Marketing. Designed for PR & communications agencies, In-house Marketing, Communications or Digital Marketing teams. This five-part course focuses on the how brands can grow loyal audiences and communities by adopting a content-led marketing strategy. 
  4. Squared Online. Miguel is an instructor for the intensive 22-week course on Digital Marketing Leadership designed in partnership with Google. 

Webinars for Business Development

Free Webinars are a great way to attract prospective customers and generate leads. Miguel is renowned public speaker and can deliver one-hour presentations on the following topics:

  1.  Digital transformation and culture
  2. LinkedIn best practice to generate leads
  3. Content Marketing and demand generation
  4. Transmedia storytelling: How Brands can learn from Movies.
Ask us about other topics relevant to your business.