Be part of the most exciting and fastest-growing content marketing trend today: audio podcasts!

Timber Wolf Media offers clients end-to-end podcast production, from conceptualization to editorial planning to production to publishing.


Podcasting is a great way for your brand to engage your audience in a very intimate and in-depth way. Why compete with over 80 million Facebook pages for attention when today there are only some 700,000 podcasts (most of which are US-centric)? Your podcast could be among the market leaders in Asia.

  •  Engage with existing customers, deepening your relationship with them and reassure them that they’ve made the right choice by choosing your brand.
  •  Communicate with your staff in a personal way, reinforce your corporate values and interact with employees in a new medium.
  •  Differentiate your brand from competitors by establishing a community of listeners who want to hear from you regularly.


The series presents conversations with interesting personalities from across Asia, featuring men and women over 60 who continue to innovate, achieve success and grow their careers beyond the traditional “retirement” age.  

The Quicksilver Generation Podcast is produced by Timber Wolf Media hosted by founder & lead consultant Miguel Bernas