Miguel Bernas has been featured in print, television and online over the years as an authority in the digital media & marketing industry in Asia Pacific and spokesperson for brands like Nokia, MTV, CNBC, Yahoo!, Singtel, PayPal and Mediacorp.


9 March 2020 – Penned article “My Omega Speedmaster Automatic, and how every Omega after reminds me of my heroes” for ANCX.

6 January 2020 – Interview with Michelle Martin on Money FM 89.3 on the Quicksilver Generation Podcast. Listen to the full interview.

16 December 2019 – “New podcast by Miguel Bernas to feature ‘quicksilver’ industry figures” published in Mumbrella Asia.

21 September 2019 – Interviewed by Timothy Go on Money FM 89.3 on content marketing and personal branding.

27 February 2019 – “Miguel Bernas joins Black Marketing as CMO” published in Marketing Interactive.

27 February 2019 – “Former Mediacorp marketer Miguel Bernas joins Black Marketing as CMO-at-large” published in Mumbrella.

April-June 2018 – Article “What Brands must learn from the Entertainment Industry” published in The Singapore Marketer.

27 March 2018 – Interviewed for “Digitalisation: Behind the Semantics” on cultural and digital transformation in HRM Asia.

27 February 2018 – Writing about the rewards of mentoring for the BBN TImes.

26 January 2018 – Featured for mentoring students in Nanyang Technological University’s Peak programme in the publication, Hey!

26 December 2017 – Interviewed for his thoughts on Content Marketing by That Content Guy.

7 December 2017 – Quoted in “Competition for talent will be the biggest challenge for Singapore services companies in 2018” in Networks Asia.

1 December 2017 – Discussing digital and cultural transformation at a panel discussion, published in Human Resource Management Asia.

30 November 2017 – Listed among the newly appointed board members of the Asia Content Marketing Association in Marketing Interactive and Mumbrella.

28 November 2017 – “Miguel to Exit Mediacorp” in Marketing Interactive.

2 October 2017 – Interviewed on Content Marketing lessons from Hollywood for Click2View’s podcast.

4 September 2017 – Quoted in “Short-form video: The next big thing in digital marketing” from TechWireAsia.

14 August 2017 – Announced as part of the speaker lineup for Mumbrella 360.

10 August 2017 – Arguing for long form brand content in “Why your ads don’t always need to be short and sweet,” from Marketing Interactive.

26 July 2017 – Panelist on “Winning new audiences” at the Global News Forum in Singapore.

2 May 2017 – “What brands should consider when selecting an influencer” published in Marketing Interactive.,/p>

12 April 2017 – Discussing brands and influencer marketing at Content 360, as featured in Marketing Interactive.

5 August 2017 – Mediacorp’s #ThisIsUs campaign feautured in Marketing Interactive.

5 January 2017 – My article “Why Gen-Xers mourn their idols more than any other generation” published in Esquire.

25 February 2016 – “Miguel Bernas joins Mediacorp” in Marketing Interactive.

1 February 2016 – “Promote the most important brand of all: Your own” in Marketing magazine’s “The Futurist” issue, printand online editions.

15 December 2015 – Listed among LinkedIn’s 10 Most Engaged Marketers in 2015, featured in Marketing Interactive and Enterprise Innovation.

4 December 2015 – Departure from PayPal covered in Mumbrella and Marketing Interactive.

2 October 2015 – Coverage of IAB Content Conversations event in Mumbrella. 

30 September 2015 – Acknowledged in the book Managing Online Reputation: How to Protect your Company on Social Media by Charlie Pownall.

9 April 2015 – Coverage of “Authentic Content” panel discussion at Content 360 from Marketing Interactive.

5 June 2014 – “Miguel Bernas joins Paypal” covered in Campaign Asia and Marketing Interactive.

15 May 2014 – “Miguel Bernas to leave SingTel” published in Campaign Asia.

8 April 2014 – “Singtel’s 5 Tips for Digital Content” published in Marketing.

9 January 2014 – Mentioned in an article about LinkedIn profiles in Mumbrella.

16 December 2013 – Commenting at Ogilvy’s Social Media Matters Insiders event.