Content Strategy, Production and Promotion

Are you happy with your brand’s content marketing strategy? Are you struggling to gain loyal

subscribers and followers on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn? Can you confidently report
how your content platforms contribute to your business?

Social Media Content Audit

By analyzing platform data, we will determine which of your social media platforms are performing
well in the areas of organic reach, engagement, lead generation and/or online conversions.
More importantly, we will make recommendations on how to improve your content and channel
strategy, as well as make the most of existing resources.

YouTube Channel Management: Strategy and Content Creation

YouTube can be a powerful platform for building audiences and driving online transactions. So why
do most multinational brands fail to gain a loyal following, forcing them to rely instead on paid
media to drive video views? We take key learnings from some of the most successful content creators
and small business owners who use YouTube to great success, building a loyal and passionate
community eager to engage and buy products.

In partnership with Sandpiper Communications, we also offer end-to-end video content creation that
will ensure your brand builds its own loyal audience and subscribers/followers.

Podcast Production

Audio-based content is emerging as an excellent medium for your brand to engage your audience in
a very intimate and cost-effective way. Podcasting also helps forge customer loyalty or even
communicate to a large, multi-regional workforce.

We offer end-to-end podcast production and management, from conceptualization to production to
distribution on the most popular podcasting platforms (e.g. Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc).