Money FM 89.3 interview with Timothy Go

On 21 September 2019 I was interviewed by Money FM 89.3‘s Timothy Go, where I shared my expertise and gave useful insights on the importance of personal branding and why brands should create content, not campaigns.

The interview was thanks to an article and video I had done previously, entitled “Why Brands Should Create Content, Not Campaigns,” an idea that intrigued the host and so he invited me onto the show for a chat.

In this first clip, I begin by describing how advertising & marketing has traditionally relied on interruption to get their message to consumers and why this is no longer acceptable in the digital media age. I then describe the opportunity for brands to behave like publishers and create content consumers actually want.

In this second clip, I share examples of both small businesses and major corporations who have successfully built audiences around their content. I also share my thoughts on the right and wrong approaches to influencer marketing and the value of engaging passionate niche audiences versus the traditional “mass media” approach.

In the next two clips, I provide tips on how to apply the content marketing principles to successfully use LinkedIn to build your personal brand and professional profile.

Listen to the full 35-minute interview:

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