Farewell, Game of Thrones, the Last Greatest Show on Television

Judging from the chatter on the interwebs since the third episode of Game of Thrones‘ final season, I feel like I’m in the minority here…but I’m satisfied with how the series ended.

It occurs to me that Game of Thrones will be the last Greatest Television Show of All Time. Oh sure, perhaps another video-based story in episodic format may one day match — or even surpass — its universal popularity, water-cooler-discussion value and impact on modern pop culture…but that show in all likelihood will not be on television. At least not TV as we know it.

Whatever that show will be, it’s unlikely that it will be in a format on a cable TV platform, where the viewer is told that each episode is available only at an appointed time, that he must wait another week before the next installment drops. Or that the viewer will be limited in any way by carrier, or a specific format or device he must use. That show will probably come from a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime or even Disney’s upcoming new subscription service.

One final message to everyone who are dissatisfied with the directions the final season took or are angry that their favorite character didn’t fare as well as they’d hoped. For those ready to direct fire and blood towards the show creators…make sure to thank them first for giving us this great show, you pissy ingrates.

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