How Culture is Key to Driving Innovation

171201 HRM Asia - Workday panel

Last year, while working as Vice President of Digital Marketing & Audience Development at Mediacorp, I was part of a panel of digital transformation experts at an event called “Engaging the Workforce of the Future” hosted by Workday.  I share some of my thoughts in this series of videos from the panel discussion. 

In this first video, I share that although my job title says “Marketing” the real job was driving digital and cultural transformation. In order to build an innovation culture in your organization, companies need to articulate their purpose. Only by aligning a company’s purpose with an employee’s own purpose will you achieve a workforce that is fully engaged.

In this video, I reveal how Mediacorp demonstrates trust in its employees. Only by showing employees you trust them, that you encourage them to take risks and that you are all, collectively, on this journey together can you build a company culture that thrives on innovation.

In this video, I relate how “transformation” is often regarded as a virus designed to spread the organization. However, too often, the antibodies within an organization prove to be stronger than the virus. This links back to the narrative around the company’s purpose and the role that leadership must play to ensure success.

You can find more insights from the panel of experts here.

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