What Star Wars and Marvel can teach brands about Content Marketing

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Earlier this week, at the Asean CMO Experience in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I got the chance to talk about my favorite topics: Star Wars, Marvel superheroes and Content Marketing.

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In my presentation Why Brands Must Think and Behave Like Media Companies: Rethinking Marketing with Lessons from Hollywood, I discuss why consumers in the digital media age are no longer tolerating interruption of their media consumption. That’s why brands must learn to instead offer valuable content of genuine interest to their target and grow and nurture their own audiences. That transition won’t be easy.

Fortunately the modern entertainment industry — the Hollywood film industry in particular — offers a roadmap for those willing to learn the art of storytelling. In this presentation, I share some of the key building blocks of storytelling used in film-making, from character archetypes to the foundation of the three-act story structure, the Hero’s Journey. I also share examples of brands who have successfully developed their own audiences around the content they create, from consumer to B2B brands, from global brands to small online businesses.

Read through my slide presentation below.

If you want to know more about how to develop a content-based marketing strategy for your brand, contact me.

[slideshare id=106552864&doc=180716whybrandsmustthinkandbehavelikemediacompanies-180719063635]


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