What Brands Must Learn from the Entertainment Industry


Digital media has changed consumer expectations and tolerances.

We live in a world of unprecedented consumer choice. Consumers expect to be able to consume content whenever and wherever they want, on the device of their own choosing.

In such a world, consumers prefer to pay a subscription fee for quality content – whether news, music or streaming video – provided it is advertising-free. In such a world, interruption is no longer tolerated.

In a series of talks throughout 2018, I discuss how Brands can move away from interruption and create content that is of genuine interest to consumers. I also share how Brands can learn how to create quality content and build their own audience.

Register to catch me at the following events:

  1. ASEAN CMO Experience, 16-17 July, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  2. SMF 2018, 24-25 July, Singapore
  3. Video Marketing Conference, 30-31 July, Singapore
  4. National Marketing Conference, 9-10 August, Manila, Philippines
  5. Social Selling 2018, 14 September, Singapore

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