Singapore’s MOF campaign shows how little is understood about influencer marketing


One of the big stories in digital and social media of the last several days has been Singapore’s Ministry of Finance Instagram influencer campaign that the industry seems to universally consider a misfire. Too many marketers in Singapore use influencers mainly as a means to get cheap reach. Here’s why that over-simplified approach is a mistake…

Influencers are just another touchpoint in the customer journey and not some kind of magic bullet. I believe influencers are most effective when they come into the campaign mid-funnel, to influence or change points of view rather than as an inexpensive alternative to mass media.

A good campaign is where a brand forms an intimate relationship with the influencer and by extension their captive audience. Better to work with a small handful of influencers with highly engaged audiences than the MOF’s messy shotgun approach. That’s also why I personally don’t like influencer networks, because they take that opportunity away from brands. Influencers are a great way to reach an audience with whom your brand may not have any affinity.

Influencers have the potential to bridge that gap. But they should not represent the spine of your campaign no matter how economical they may appear.

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