Could this be the coolest music video ever made?

Before returning to earth after his 5-month mission to the International Space Station, Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield recorded and released this stunning rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”. A song about a man in outer space sung by a man in outer space. What an amazing time we live in.

His video took his recording (yes, that’s his real singing voice), edited with the help of his sons Evan and Kyle back on earth,  and combined with video images shot by Hadfield while aboard the ISS.


This video connects with me on so many levels because it brings together some of my life’s passions: new media, science (and science fiction) and, of course, rock n’ roll. It’s the crowning achievement in a series of videos by Hadfield about life aboard the ISS shared with the world through social media (which at one point included a Twitter exchange and live interview with William Shatner).

Commander Hadfield’s career as an astronaut and as a test pilot for the RCAF may have taken him farther, faster, further than most men in history, but for me he will always be remembered for this perfect moment captured in 5:31 minutes of film.

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