SingTel’s “Home Without Walls”

Today is Father’s Day and SingTel celebrates it with five new videos from its “Home Without Walls” ( series. As the website says:

“Home. It’s more than just a place we feel love, comfort and acceptance. It is where lives intertwine, where stories are made, and perspectives shaped. It is where we connect with one another – family, loved ones, and those that have made an impression in our lives.

Home Without Walls by SingTel celebrates the amazing connections we make every day that defines and build this world we call home. While each story gathered here is unique, we hope to show that beyond obvious differences, we are all connected by the dreams and aspirations we share.”

Here are two of my favorites. I presented the first one as part of the session I co-hosted with Ben Grubbs from Turner on branded content. (See my previous post.)



I think it’s a great campaign and an example of how brands like SingTel are using “soft” content to build a stronger, more emotional rapport with its customers. In an industry that’s highly competitive, where services like mobile and data connectivity are fast becoming commodities, it’s in the brand experience where you need to differentiate and stand out.

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