Club de L’Oriental, Hanoi


Club de L’Oriental, originally uploaded by phatfreemiguel.

A common misconception is that vegetarians have to only eat at “vegetarian” restaurants. I find that most good restaurants are bound to have some excellent vegetable dishes.
Case in point, the Club de L’Oriental in Hanoi, Vietnam. Their vegetarian fried spring rolls are delicious! Filled with an assortment of vegetables (and even some tofu), the rolls are lightly fried so that they are still transparent when served.
We also enjoyed their sauteed mixed vegetables and stir-fried vegetarian noodles. (Jen, who is not vegetarian, also loved the grilled lemon grass chicken … so I’ll just have to take her word for it!)

The restaurant itself is also beautifully designed. (Frankly, they had me at the automatic sliding wooden doors.) If you’re ever in Hanoi, this restaurant is an essential stop. The Club de L’Oriental, 22 Ton Dan St., Hanoi, Vietnam.

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