The Measure of a Man

As promised, I took my measurements this morning. These numbers will serve as a baseline for the next 12 months. (I haven’t found an “ideal” BMR – I don’t think there is one – but I will continue to track this in the coming weeks.)

I will be taking measurements once a week at the same time (in the morning before breakfast) to try to keep the data consistent.

At certain milestones, I will post charts of how I am performing versus target on key measurements. I will also be doing some experiments with exercises and foods to see which are most effective at moving the numbers.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Ideal 1-Jan-11 Goal
Weight (kg) 60.0 67.0 Lose 7kg
Fat% 20.0 22.2 Lose 2.2 %
Fat (kg) 12.0 14.9
Muscle% 33.0 31.3 Increase by 1.7%
Muscle (kg) 19.8 21.0
BMI 19.0 24.9 Drop 5.9
VFA 6.0 10.0 Drop 4%
Body Age 37.0 45.0 Lose 8 years
BMR 1552.0

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